Daily Scriptures Android App

I’ve been working on my M/WHM app for Android.

That was delayed because of a computer crash that brought me back a week or so on coding (thanks to github, everything is not lost). That gave me time to think through some design decisions, so I postponed going back to work on that for a little while.

Meanwhile, I wrote a daily scriptures reading app for android. The code is now on github at https://github.com/abdallah/Examine-the-Scriptures-Daily-for-Android. I will release it on the market in a few days when I test it some more.

A (mostly) working .APK is attached to this post. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or requests.
The app is now in the android market. Use this link, or the QR code below. The apps.deeb.me page should have the latest news.
Examine Scriputres Daily - Android App

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2 thoughts on “Daily Scriptures Android App

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