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How to rename terminal tab title in gnome-terminal

from http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/186167/13739

Create a function in ~/.bashrc:

function set-title() {
if [[ -z “$ORIG” ]]; then
Then use your new command to set the terminal title. It works with spaces in the name too

set-title my new tab title

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Bind Solr 5.5 to localhost

Edit /opt/solr/bin/solr

Find the line with SOLR_START_OPTS and add the following after "-Djetty.port=$SOLR_PORT":

Mine looks like this:
SOLR_START_OPTS=('-server' "${JAVA_MEM_OPTS[@]}" "${GC_TUNE[@]}" "${GC_LOG_OPTS[@]}" \
"-Djetty.port=$SOLR_PORT" "-Djetty.host=localhost" "-DSTOP.PORT=$stop_port" "-DSTOP.KEY=$STOP_KEY" \
"${SOLR_HOST_ARG[@]}" "-Duser.timezone=$SOLR_TIMEZONE" \
"-Djetty.home=$SOLR_SERVER_DIR" "-Dsolr.solr.home=$SOLR_HOME" "-Dsolr.install.dir=$SOLR_TIP" \
"${LOG4J_CONFIG[@]}" "${SOLR_OPTS[@]}")

Someone also suggested adding it to the SOLR_HOST_ARG array earlier in the same file. You can try that:

I hope it helps!

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header v3 rsa/sha1 signature, key id c105b9de: bad

error: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID XXXXXXXX: BAD
error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h# XXXX Header V3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID XXXXXXXX BAD

wget http://mirror.centos.org/centos/6/updates/x86_64/Packages/nss-softokn-freebl-3.14.3-19.el6_6.x86_64.rpm
rpm2cpio nss-softokn-freebl-3.14.3-19.el6_6.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv
cp ./lib64/libfreeblpriv3.* /lib64
yum update

All good now, back to work everyone.

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apt get install libapache2 mod evasive

apt-get install libapache2-mod-evasive

cat > /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mod-evasive.conf <<EOF
<IfModule mod_evasive20.c>
 DOSHashTableSize 3097
 DOSPageCount 2
 DOSSiteCount 50
 DOSPageInterval 1
 DOSSiteInterval 1
 DOSBlockingPeriod 60

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Clearing the Queue

Talking about mail queues here. Especially when the queue gets filled with hundreds of thousands of spam emails.

Stop the MTA

The first thing you do is stop the MTA before it gets worse. On most Linux servers:
~: # /etc/init.d/exim stop # most WHM/cPanel based servers
~: # /etc/init.d/postfix stop # if you have postfix

Then check the queue

The commands to use are
~: # exim -bp
~: # mailq

I suggest keeping CTRL+C ready to stop the flow. If you have an infestation scrolling through the queue will take a very very long time.
But checking out the first few lines (pages) of the queue may reveal many things. For example, what user account is being exploited for sending out the spam. Sometimes that’s obvious, other times you may need to do some digging. Here’s a sample:

24h  1.1K 1VeKKb-00030t-42 <noreply@yahoo-inc.com>
        D alena@example.com
        D alenka@example.com
        D alepp@example.com
        D alerei@example.com

24h  1.1K 1VeKKb-00030u-5R <noreply@yahoo-inc.com>
        D alex@example.com
        D alex.b@example.com
        D alex.d@example.com
        D alex.f@example.com

24h  1.1K 1VeKKb-00030v-1R <noreply@yahoo-inc.com>
        D alex.t@example.com

The lines above are from an exim queue output. Obviously noreply@yahoo-inc.com is not an account on this server. Let’s find the username then clean up. A nice Exim utility is exigrep (basically it’s grep with exim ties!)
:~# exigrep 1VeKKb-00030t-42 /var/log/exim/mainlog
+++ 1VeKKb-00030t-42 has not completed +++
2013-11-08 21:18:14 1VeKKb-00030t-42 <= noreply@yahoo-inc.com H=(User) [XXX.XX.XX.XXX] P=esmtpa A=login:test@mydomain.com S=1193 T="Authenticate Your Email" from <noreply@yahoo-inc.com> for alena@example.com alenka@example.com alepp@example.com alerei@example.com [...]

2 things interest us here: the H=(User) [XXX.XX.XX.XXX] part tells us where that intruder is logging from (probably another exploited server, so it’s nice to alert the owners of that server as well. And A=login:test@mydomain.com tells us which user they are logged in as, so we can lock down that user, change their password, etc.

Cleaning up

Emptying the queue is usually an easy way out:
~: # postsuper -d ALL # for postfix
~: # exim -bp | exiqgrep -i | xargs exim -Mrm # for exim

A more subtle approach is needed when some of that mail in the queue is actually legit. If you checked out the queue earlier you might do something like the following:
~: # exiqgrep -i -f noreply@yahoo-inc.com | exim -Mrm # that will remove all mail sent by noreply@yahoo-inc.com

It’s a bit harder in postfix, here’s one recipe:
~: # mailq | tail +2 | awk 'BEGIN { RS = "" } { if ($7 == "noreply@yahoo-inc.com") print $1 }' | tr -d '*!' | postsuper -d -
remove the tail +2 | if that doesn’t work for you.

There are plenty of other things to check and do to fix your server when someone is abusing it to spam. Cleaning up is one way to start.

Ah, before I forget, here’s a link to a very nice cheatsheet for exim

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Mbox to Maildir Recipe

apt-get install mb2md
cd /var/mail
for i in *; do echo $i; su - $i -c "/usr/bin/mb2md -s /var/mail/$i -d ~/Maildir"; done

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Recovering from a failed RAID drive

I was trying to mount one of the disks from a failed RAID array. The disk was put in a USB enclosure and hooked to the machine. Here’s what I saw:

srv0:~# mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt/usb/
mount: unknown filesystem type 'mdraid'
srv0:~# mdadm --examine /dev/sdc
mdadm: No md superblock detected on /dev/sdc.

I panicked a little, then tried the following that worked:

srv0:~# mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt/usb/ -o ro -t ext3
srv0:~# ls /mnt/usb
bin   dev   etc   initrd.img  lib64	  media  opt   root  selinux  sys  usr	vmlinuz
boot  home  lib	      lost+found  mnt	 proc  sbin  srv      tmp  var

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Dave’s Notepad

We were chatting in the morning and my colleague Dave said:

echo “blog post about distro choice” | mail -s “blog post” david@mydomain.org
that’s my ‘notepad’. 🙂

I thought that was pretty useful, but tried to make it easier by creating a bash alias. Turns out it’s better to use a bash function instead. (see this note). So my ‘jot’ function is:
function jot() { echo "$1" | mail -s "$2" abdallah@mydomain.com; }

I also noticed, that emails sent from my laptop were not reaching. It seems Ubuntu comes with Exim4 as a default MTA. I’m not too familiar with Exim, so I used the occasion to learn a new trick.

I might use this for micro-blogging next… let me go set it up 🙂

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Moving SVN repository

I moved the svn repository from my laptop to the server for easier deployment of http://mybox.grat.in
Here are the commands I used:

on laptop:
svnadmin dump /var/svn/repos/ > home-repository.dmp
gzip home-repository.dmp
scp -P39227 home-repository.dmp.gz mybox.server.xx:/home/myuser

on server:
mkdir -p /var/svn/repos
gunzip home-repository.dmp.gz
cd /var/svn/repos/
svnadmin load /var/svn/repos < /home/myuser/home-repository.dmp

again on laptop:
edited ~/.subversion/config:
sshtunnel = ssh -p 39227

svn switch --relocate file:///var/svn/repos/ svn+sshtunnel://mybox.server.xx/var/svn/repos/

And check it's all good (in the working copy directory):
svn up
svn info

Piece of cake 🙂

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