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Monday in Lebanon

Should I make a new category for this blog? If so, what would it be: politics or bombings?
I was again at the house in Zouk today. People are still fighting the army in the north. Work as usual… And close to midnight, there you go, another bomb in the midst of Beirut city.
This time it was Verdun, another up-scale street in Beirut.
Both bombings targeted empty spaces. The only casualties are by “accident”, it seems like the bombers were trying not to target civilians. But they got a few anyhow.
I won’t go into more details, but I’ll simply note that this is night 2 of the bombings, hopefully the last.

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Sunday in Lebanon

It’s quite an ordinary day: a few terrorists battling the army in the north, the army blocking highways reaching Beirut from the north, and a mesterious bombing after midnight. All in one Lebanese day.

Now someone tell me we’re not having fun!

I spent most of the day in Zouk, at my place. We even had visitors! I wish we took some pics though…

Anyway, I was checking the place where the bomb struck last night and found the most wonderous pic on Google earth. Check it out.

ABC & the monastary

Can you guess what the alien ship is? Yeap, that’s the ABC mall… cool eih?!

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