Extract Bible Verses

I knew something like that existed, however I was too lazy to read the fine manual!
It’s that easy to extract the bible verses from an article in the Watchtower Library (2005, it should work with earlier versions)

  • Simply select the part where the verses/citations exist
  • Copy the part (CTRL-C)
  • Press CTRL-ALT-C, and watch as the citations are extracted. Note that it may take a long time if you’re extracting all the citations from a book for example.

Of course, I should have known that from the manual. So, returning to the manual I was happy to note that: (from the manual)

This feature allows you to select text in a word processor document, copy it to the Clipboard, then use Watchtower Library to extract the citations in that text. To do this:

  1. Open a document in your word processor.
  2. Select the text in the document containing one or more citations.

So basically you can get the text from anywhere, and the extraction would happen just the same! Cool stuff…

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