HOWTO: Build a house

We’re getting married soon*, and I do like to document everything. So starting today, I’m going to disclose some of the things I’m doing/learning, in the hope that it would help someone somewhere!

First and foremost, find a house. When you do, get/make the floor plans so that you could use them when you buy stuff for the house. Attached to this entry is a sketch of one house we saw.

After that, you need to go shopping. Here’s my list (created while discussing the subject with Paypouy).

  1. 3afesh
    1. Bedroom
    2. Living Room
    3. Salon
    4. Kitchen
  2. Utilities & Appliances
    1. Kitchen ware
    2. Berrad, Ghessaleh, Furn Gaz
    3. TV

The above list is by no means complete. Soon, I’ll have it fixed with a good translation (non-Lebanese), and perhaps price ranges for the specific items at the time of the writing.

Any comments are welcome.

* exactly how soon is debatable

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