From Hell

It’s a joke Sam told me yesterday, it’s a lot funnier when he tells it though…

There was the English, the American and the Lebanese and they all went to hell.
After a while, they got home sick and wanted to call someone at home.
The English called the UK, talked to his mother for 2 mins and hung up.
The daemon in charge billed him 1 Million Pounds!
The American was next and he had to call home as well, so he tried not to talk as much, and he was only billed 1 Million US Dollars for 1.5 minutes.
Now, when the Lebanese guy asked for the phone it was a different story.
When he called, everyone wanted to talk to him … the family and friends and neighbors and people from all over the place asking about their loved ones … and so on. So he ended up talking for more than 3 hours!
He dreaded the bill, but when he came to pay up, he was amazed that it was only 2,000 LBP. And the daemon didn’t have any change so he let him go for free!
When he asked why, the daemon shrugged and said it was a Local Call.

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