Plenty, No time to blog about it though!
I started this entry at my place yesterday night, right after I was able to connect to the internet using the local isp’s crappy PPPoE installation.
For some reason, they are using the Service Name directive as an added means of user management! I have one word to say about this: pfff! To get this to work, I first tried installing via apt-get on the laptop (running ubuntu feisty). But that didn’t work, or at least I couldn’t connect. Next, I tried getting some other software but there was nothing else. So I grabbed the source tarball, and there you are, two minutes later I was connected [(sudo) tkpppoe being the keyword.]

I am sleeping at my apartment these couple of days before the wedding. I like to get the feeling of the place before moving in: how much it takes to get to work (18mins leaving at 07:42!), how much sunlight I get in the morning in each room, where to get breakfast, the shower, etc…

What else, I started working remotely with some very nice people at RimuHosting. Not only are they really nice, they are truly very professional and very knowledgeable. I’m refining my Linux and hosting knowledge there. Moodeef is being re-worked as well, and I’m creating Flake file-service as a java/tomcat app. Hopefully it would be finished soon.

I’m not watching any movies or TV lately, I found the director’s cut (or studio cut) of David Lynch’s Dune (Frank Herbert‘s) and I have it on my laptop, but I haven’t gotten to watching it yet!

I’d better get back to work now 😉

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