Golden Cage!

“And now, by the authority given to me by the … i pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride”

That’s how the ceremony ended, it was held by a very ‘cool’ (wazwaz) marriage comissioner, Elvis Prestley look-alike!!
It seemed that he was in a rush or had a date…. the whole thing took him only 5 minutes :S barely
We were relaxed, a bit emotional… but what triggered the thing was the USHER!!! :S euhh he was IN TEARS.. Literally…
He was nodding his head, looking at us… I confused him with my mom (who was standing next to him)… Inno are we related???
It was really weird, but fun.
The brother who took care of us here is a very nice person, a special character (oooooooooooops) yeah, Pablo, Pablos or Paulo… you can call him all that… He stayed with us almost all day and even invited us for lunch with his family. Who were all very nice as well.

We’re at “The Brewery” and will be heading … home? soon

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