A Happy Man

There’s a saying that the “shortest route to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. I can affirm that saying is true.

I’ve been married for a week and a day now, and I am a very happy man. Now, it’s true that food isn’t everything in life, and that love and understanding are very important for a couple to be happy, not to mention the need for spiritual routine and a good reliance on God’s help to keep the family happy… I’m ok with all that. But, I AM ESPECIALLY HAPPY because my beautiful wife has just discovered she could cook!
And when I say she could cook, I mean she really could cook.

So far, we’ve had some great dishes made by the soon to be world famous chef Paypouy Deeb. She started out with a great “Spaghetti and Frankfurters”, her own recipe! Wow, was the keyword on that one. “Potatoes and Chicken” in the oven was next, and it was great. She made one beautifully smelling Spaghetti (with an original tomato and basil sauce). And yesterday, I was surprised with an un-traditional Kebbeh Nayyieh – a veggy kebbeh nayyeh with potatoes instead of the meat. If it wasn’t yellow I could swear I was eating the traditional one, all was needed was some Arak and a chilled onion to make it complete…

Now, if you were a man, wouldn’t you be happy? I sure am šŸ™‚

Paypouy just added a couple of pics of her cake creations during the last week. Did I mention she made some peach jam too?!!

BrownieCarrot Cake

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