Things I tend to forget


Yeap, none other than that mouth watering recipe that Primo cooked for the Big Night! With some googling we were able to retrieve the recipe with exact details. Turns out it was an old recipe in the Tucci family (Stanley Tucci played Secondo in the movie) and they made a book that sold millions of copies ( Cucina & Famiglia look it up )

Anyway, here’s our Timpáno! in preparation

in preparation

Add meatballs…

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Postfixadmin with postfix, dovecot, and mysql

The original and up-to-date document for this howto can be found in the RimuHosting Bliki

Postfix Admin is a web-based GUI for setting up mail users for a Postfix+MySQL setup.

It will let you create users and aliases per domain.

This HOWTO goes over install Postfix Admin, Postfix with a MySQL backend and SMTP auth enabled, and Dovecot (for POP3/POP3/IMAP/IMAPS) with a MySQL backend.

While this HOWTO is based on Debian Etch, the Postfix/MySQL setup is generic and should work fine on most distributions.

If you're after per-user spam and virus filtering for your virtual users, see the howto here:

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List top 10 visitors by IP

The quick and dirty way:
cat $LOGFILE | awk '{ print $1 }' | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n10

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Keyboard Stand

Keyboard Stand

“The Boss” was feeling left out today. So he forced himself on my lap while I was working. That’s him under the keyboard. He sat there for about 5 minutes before he got bored again and went searching for entertainment/nap somewhere else 🙂

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Jungledisk command line

I had some trouble with the new configuration for jungledisk.

In order to have it play nice with apache some new switches needed to be turned on:

dev:~# jungledisk -d /mnt/s3 -o allow_other -o config=/root/.jungledisk/jungledisk-settings.ini

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23-09-2007 departure from Beirut airport, destination Malpensa, Milano

Arrived there at 7:00AM – spent 1:45 between the huge crowd that was there. Most of the people simply passing thru Milan, as it is the cheapest airport this time of the year.

Arrived at Stazione Centrale (downtown Milan) at 9:30 – We took the shuttle from outside the Airport6EUR/person [ Malpensa Express ]

Shuttle Near the airport

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Preparations for Italy

As I said in my earlier post, almost everything was set.

We used google-earth and google-maps to find the location of all our hotels. We also used google calendar with sms notifications to set reminders for our train departure times.

We packed light, not as light as we should have though. But here are some essentials one should take on such a trip:

  • Camera
  • Rechargeable batteries + charger
  • Water bottle
  • Maps [ print out maps from google-maps or google-earth ] or [ buy an up-to-date guide for the city you’re about to visit ]
  • Change your money beforehand [ especially with the euro fluctuating ]
  • Photo-IDs [ We really didn’t use those, but we were lucky ]
  • Inner wallet [ to keep the passports and extra money ]
  • Wear something comfortable, and easy to wash/dry [ check this ]
  • Laptop [ get a small one! ]

Some things that we shouldn’t have been packing:

  • Extra clothing [ we had to take some formal outfits, never again! ]

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Italian Holiday

We’ve been married for 2 months, and were both looking forward to this trip 🙂

Our agent, Amin, had proposed a list of places to go and things to see. He also made arrangements for all our hotel and train/plane tickets. So most of the trip was layed out before hand.

We really enjoyed it. Every part of it. And we’ll be posting some of the details of the time we spent in Italy in this blog under the Italian Holiday category. So stay tuned, you might find interesting stuff + some pointers for your own holidays!

P & A

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Dinner and a movie

Strange how it goes after one’s been married for a while. Not a long time, just a while…

Before we were married we would spend lots of time out and about, visiting every single restaurant one could think of (from AL Zouhour in Bourj Hammoud to L’Entrecote de Paris). And we would see a movie almost every week!

Nowadays, we do the same… But mostly at home! We eat better, that’s true. And we get to better select what to watch. Instead of L’Entrecote, Paypouy makes a killer steak with her own special sauce that is simply superior to anything I have ever tasted before (see the Blue Cheese Steak Sauce on – coming soon).

But it doesn’t have to be that fancy! Today we had a quick pancake for dinner, it was delicious. But even more delicious is that I spend the entire evening close to my wife.

We saw “Iron Man” this week. It was good. But I most liked about it that we both enjoyed it 🙂

The tube is showing “Bourne Identity” now, so I’m going back to suggle next to Paypouy and spend the rest of the evening trying to prevent her from watching it (6)

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