Dinner and a movie

Strange how it goes after one’s been married for a while. Not a long time, just a while…

Before we were married we would spend lots of time out and about, visiting every single restaurant one could think of (from AL Zouhour in Bourj Hammoud to L’Entrecote de Paris). And we would see a movie almost every week!

Nowadays, we do the same… But mostly at home! We eat better, that’s true. And we get to better select what to watch. Instead of L’Entrecote, Paypouy makes a killer steak with her own special sauce that is simply superior to anything I have ever tasted before (see the Blue Cheese Steak Sauce on scrum2.us – coming soon).

But it doesn’t have to be that fancy! Today we had a quick pancake for dinner, it was delicious. But even more delicious is that I spend the entire evening close to my wife.

We saw “Iron Man” this week. It was good. But I most liked about it that we both enjoyed it đŸ™‚

The tube is showing “Bourne Identity” now, so I’m going back to suggle next to Paypouy and spend the rest of the evening trying to prevent her from watching it (6)

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