Yeap, none other than that mouth watering recipe that Primo cooked for the Big Night! With some googling we were able to retrieve the recipe with exact details. Turns out it was an old recipe in the Tucci family (Stanley Tucci played Secondo in the movie) and they made a book that sold millions of copies ( Cucina & Famiglia look it up )

Anyway, here’s our Timpáno! in preparation

in preparation

Add meatballs…

add meat balls

Before closing the lid 🙂

Before closing the lidLateral view

Lid closed …

Lid closed

And off to the over for a long while…

In the oven

I’m going to take a shower and post updates later when we take it out. It’s gonna be a BIG NIGHT indeed 🙂

… This is Pia picking up the rest of this post, as Abdallah is too busy eating right now!

So, it took the timpano 1.5 hours in the oven at 350’F. Then we took it out, let it rest for 40 minutes in the basin. At that time, the guests were arriving. So Abdallah and Jimmy flipped it (as you see it in the picture) and we kept staring at that mountain of pasta for another 20 minutes before we cut in.

Here’s Abdallah making the first cut trying to get a slice out in one piece. It kind-of worked first, then the slice fell apart. We have plans to make it better next time.

This is how it looked after that first slice

We took a few more pics, but you get the point. The recipe we used fed 8 people with more than half of it left over for the next day. In fact, 3 more people ate the next day and still half of it is still in the fridge now!

Kill Timpáno w/Into b/Kheir 🙂

btw, if you’re thinking of making Timpáno, please email us, we do have some tips and suggestions on how to do it best. The complete recipe with our additions should be on http://scrum2.us soon!

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