Apt-get update hangs on RHEL

If you’re using apt to manage your software installations on a redhat based machine, especially to make use of the rpmforge repository and tools, you might get this error.


I start apt-get update.  After a while, it gets to the apt.sw.be and hangs at a certain %. You cannot stop it as it hogs the CPU. (hint. login using console and kill it?)

The problem seems to be related to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rpmforge.list file. Simply comment out the repomd line and let it use the rpm line as follows:
rpm http://apt.sw.be redhat/el$(VERSION)/en/$(ARCH) dag
#repomd http://apt.sw.be redhat/el$(VERSION)/en/$(ARCH)/dag

This seems to affect rhel4/fedora servers.

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