Create Rails Test Application (with everything) Recipe

Here’s a quick recipe for setting up a rails app with the needed mongrels and such

echo "Please enter domain name: ";read DOMAIN
adduser $DOMAIN; passwd $DOMAIN
mkdir /home/$DOMAIN/htdocs/
cd /home/$DOMAIN
su - $DOMAIN -c 'rails test'
cd /home/$DOMAIN/test
echo "Existing mongrels: "
netstat -tlnp | grep ruby
echo "Please enter port to use: "; read PORT
echo "How many mongrels: "; read MONGRELS
cd /home/$DOMAIN/test/
mongrel_rails cluster::configure -e production -p $PORT -a -N $MONGRELS -c /home/$DOMAIN/test/
ln -s /home/$DOMAIN/test/config/mongrel_cluster.yml /etc/mongrel_cluster/$DOMAIN.yml

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