Baalbek Trip

I’ve been sleeping in till noon every Saturday. And that was hurting our weekend activities plenty. So today we left home as soon as I woke up and took off.
We did not have a destination in mind. So we stated off with a quick breakfast at B2B in Jdeideh. Then I went southbound from there, since the roads to the north were blocked with traffic!
Last week I asked my wife to make us some fried frog legs dinner. Since Pia never tasted that dish before, I thought about a restaurant specializing in that kind of things in the Bekaa: “Reymond’s Place” near Ryak military base. So I didn’t say anything and headed that way.
Once we got to Ryak, we were not that hungry. So we kept on going until we got to Baalbek. It seems Pia’s last visit to the city was over 15 years ago. So we parked there and went to check out the Roman ruins.
The place is huge, as many foreign tourists noticed. You just don’t grasp the size of it from the outside.
We took some pictures with Pia’s sony/ericsson phone. Not bad. But we agreed we have to go there again once her new Nikon D90 arrives 🙂

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