When in Rome …

do as the Romans do

I intend to do just that!

Our plane leaves to one of Rome’s airports tomorrow morning. And for probably the first time we’re still not fully packed. I just finished my shift and punched out. I’m waiting for Pia to finish saving the postcards and bookmarks she’s been creating. Then we will go print those.

The first week in Rome will be spent with the other delegates to the “Keep on the watch” international convention. We’re hoping this will be the highlight of our trip. The next week will be spent with Pia’s siblings Juliano and Matia and possibly Ghassan if makes it. We’re going to Florence (where we rented an apartment), and from there to the surrounding Pisa, St. Guiminiano, etc… Later we’ll be going to Venice as well.

Pia will be posting pics and more on her blog. Or so she says 😉

I’ll see if I can keep this place a bit busy with my notes as well. Twitter is so much easier!

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