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One can eat good food no matter where one lives (in areas where food is available anyway!) So I won’t say the Lebanese eat better than the Italians or vice-versa. Pia and I were mostly eating all Italian in Lebanon and we’re now mostly eating Lebanese in Firenze. Don’t ask me why! ๐Ÿ™‚

I like to learn more about how people eat, and what they love to eat in a certain place. In Italy, it seems every area has its own food heritage. Tuscany is known for the great wines and meat-stuff they make. But for some reason we haven’t been able to enjoy this type of food much since we got here.

We did go to Zaza a couple of times (4). But that’s about the best we’ve done so far. At Zaza, I should say, we had some wonderful food: spaghetti with mussels, pizza with truffle sauce and other less interesting toppings (but good nonetheless), beef steak (also with truffle sauce), and of course la Bisteccha a la Fiorentina.
Now, there should be a whole post about that I know, but it should be mentioned. It’s a beautifully piece of steak 10cm thick and very juicy, grilled on charcoal fire. I want to taste it somewhere else before I say if I really like it or not though ๐Ÿ˜€

We’re also trying another Gelateria every other day. So far so good. I’m loving the panna-cotta, but trying to try something else every time.

The other day we were near piitti palace, it was too hot and we were looking for a place to eat. So we find “La Mangiatoia”, a place we almost missed or dismissed as a macelleria (butcher’s). But I took another look and there was a menu, and a bar where one could stand and have lunch. It looked good enough, and the meat looked delicious. We walked in to find they had a couple of rooms in the back. And the place was filled with Italians having lunch. The food was good, Pia and I shared a primi and secondi and stopped before eating too much to get dessert. Dessert was a panna-cotta and tiramisu that looked small, but was just the right size to enjoy. It was truly lovely. We tried to go there another time yesterday night, but it was closed!

Now most people would be waiting for the mention of pizza. I’m not too fond of pizza really. We had a few good pizzi, but nothing to write home about. Yesterday, we arrived home tired and hungry, so we ordered one large pizza from the pizzeria right around the corner (salsiccia and stracchini). I should say it was very close to what Pia would make at home, so pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

We just had a large serving of gnocchi with pomodoro sauce. Pia made that in about 15 minutes, using ready made fresh gnocchi from the COOP. Very tasty indeed. I wonder if I’ll ever like anything better than my wife’s cooking …

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