Moving SVN repository

I moved the svn repository from my laptop to the server for easier deployment of
Here are the commands I used:

on laptop:
svnadmin dump /var/svn/repos/ > home-repository.dmp
gzip home-repository.dmp
scp -P39227 home-repository.dmp.gz mybox.server.xx:/home/myuser

on server:
mkdir -p /var/svn/repos
gunzip home-repository.dmp.gz
cd /var/svn/repos/
svnadmin load /var/svn/repos < /home/myuser/home-repository.dmp

again on laptop:
edited ~/.subversion/config:
sshtunnel = ssh -p 39227

svn switch --relocate file:///var/svn/repos/ svn+sshtunnel://mybox.server.xx/var/svn/repos/

And check it's all good (in the working copy directory):
svn up
svn info

Piece of cake 🙂

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