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Apache Reverse Proxy + SSH Reverse Tunnel

Disclaimer: This setup is just a bit crazy, and I wouldn’t recommend it for a production site. Works for me.
I needed to allow some clients to test a web app I’m working on. But I didn’t want to deploy the code to a server for now for different reasons (mainly memory constraints). So the solution was to setup a reverse proxy using apache to my local machine. Check out the code after the break

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Suspend Ubuntu Desktop

Simple command line: pm-suspend
An interesting alternative would be: pm-suspend-hybrid

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Quick SSH Tunnel using Putty

Two easy steps to create a tunnel from a remote server port to your localhost. It’s handy if you’re trying to connect to a mysql, jboss, etc. installation bound to localhost only (for better security. Check out the screenshots after the break

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Django Class-Based Generic Views

After working with Paypouy on a quick project using the php-based, shared-hosting-friendly CodeIgniter, I’m back to the more familiar waters of Python/Django.

I was asked to create a small organizer/calendar type app for a client to be used mainly from a smart phone. The app seemed very straight forward, so I thought I’d rely on the generic views for most of the work.

Check out some of the code after the break

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