Android Plugin for Eclipse Hanging

For a couple of weeks now I have been trying to get the Android Plugin for Eclipse to play nicely on my new 64bit Ubuntu 11.10.
It was always hanging without a good explanation. The only message I got was “Loading Data for Android 2.3.3” and it reaches 100% but stays there.

I thought it was related to the fact that I’m using the latest Indigo (3.7) eclipse, but that wasn’t it (I tried with earlier versions). I also thought it was because of the 64bit java I installed separately (not using apt). That wasn’t it either (the apt installed version didn’t work either). Stupid solutions, I know, but I had to try!

The solution was to rename the SDK directory and remove the _x64 from the end of that. After that, I set it in Windows -> Preferences -> Android -> SDK location and applied the changes and voila! It works now.

I’ll be fixing the ESD app based on some kind feedback from friends. And maybe work on other pending projects as well. Stay tuned.

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