Diet Day Three (When It Crashed and Burned)

Breakfast: mortadella and rockets wrap. So far so good.

But then it hit me: We’re going up to Bekaa to visit Pia’s aunt. Plenty of food today! Here’s a sample (low quality pics from my phone!):


An assortment of sauteed wild greens and fresh “Aisha Khanum” beans the traditional vegetarian way:

Wild thym:

Wild dandelion with caramelized onions on top:

The beans again:

Pickled green olives:

Pumpkin Kibbeh with Spinach, Chickpeas and Walnuts:

I really did not eat that much, but I knew that the diet was over. The next day we were invited to a friend’s house (a sushi chef) and he made the most beautiful sushi/maki plates. His wife and other friends made Pancit, roasted chicken legs with rosemary, organic green salad, and about 10 other things. And then a couple of days later we were invited for a barbecue dinner at my in-laws. And more invites are lined up for the coming days and weeks. So I’m giving up…

Or maybe I’ll restart again in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I finished baking a wonderful whole-wheat sandwich loaf with honey and olive oil. The smell is great and I’m pretty sure it tastes great as well.

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