Things I tend to forget


json_curl() { curl --header "Accept:application/json" "$@" | python -m json.tool; }

add the line in ~/.bash_aliases

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Remembering Bologna

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Toolset Lunch

So today’s lunch was inspired by OTGS’ Toolset: a simple Pasta e Fagioli

That’s the Italian cuisine for you: simple ingredients that make for a great dish. And we love having all the tools and ingredients at our fingertips, don’t we!

I picked 70gr of my favorite pasta from the cupboard,  put that in salted boiling water for 8 minutes. Drained the water and added a couple of tablespoons of Ragù we made on Monday. Then a couple of tablespoons of baked beans (also prepared in batch last week). Stir for 5 minutes to get the right temperature, and voilà!

Honestly, how hard can it be to make a good meal and enjoy it. All in under 20 minutes. And I had the time to clean the dishes and write this blog too!

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