Where Are They? Fairuz

For some reason whenever I hear this song I have the feeling I’m in a very morbid Doctor Who episode. Here’s my rough translation …

وينن وينن Where are they now?
وين صواتن وين وجوهن وينن Where are their voices, their faces? Where are they?
صار في وادي بيني وبينن There’s a valley between me and them, where are they?
ركبوا عربيات الوقت وهربوا للنسيان They rode the chariots of time and ran away to oblivion
وتركوا ضحكات ولادن منسية ع الحيطان and left the laughs of their children forgotten on the walls
تركولي المفاتيح they left me the keys
تركوا صوت الريح they left me the sound of the wind
وراحوا ما تركوا عنوان but they did not leave an address
عشاق الطرقات أفترقوا لا حكى لا مواعيد the lovers of the road left each other without speaking or appointments
أنا وحدى صوت الشوارع أنا طير القرميد I’m alone am the sound of the streets, I am the bird in the brick roofs
هربت بهالليل من مربط هالخيل I ran away in the night from the horse barn
وأنا قنديل الحزن الوحيد I am the lonely lamp of sorrow…

If you’re interested in more Doctor Who ready setups, check this one: حبيتك تنسيت النوم


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