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A colleague asked me today for a quick way to set the nickname in Mattermost. He needed to do that to provide more information about his status than what the actual “Status” in shows, which is limited to “Online”, “Away”, “Do Not Disturn” and “Offline”

So if you want to tell people you’re away for a couple of hours, or sick, walking the dog, etc. then you need to go IRC style and put the additional information in your nickname. Not too bad actually, just inconvenient.

I checked the Mattermost API docs and wrote a small bash script to get things going

# Requirements:
#  - get the token from Mattermost > Account Settings > Security > Personal Access Tokens > Create New Token
#    make sure to save the Token itself, not the ID!
#  - install jq

user_id=$(curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \ | jq -r .id)
curl -XPUT -d '{"nickname":"'$NICKNAME'"}' \
  -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
curl -XPUT -d '{"status":"'$STATUS'"}' \
  -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
if [ -n "$3" ]; then
  curl -XPOST -d '{"channel_id":"'"$CHANNEL_ID"'", "message":"'"$3"'"}' \
  -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" ""

A couple of things to watch out there:

  • You need to save the TOKEN, not the TOKEN ID. Once created and saved the actual TOKEN is no longer showing in the UI. So save that somewhere safe and use it in the script
  • The user needs to be able to create their own token. Follow the procedure per the docs here to allow them to do that. Yes, you need to do all that 🙂
  • The Channel ID can be copied from the channel drop-down menu > View info. In the bottom left, in grey you will see: `ID: xxxxxxxxxx` that’s the one you need!


For convenience, I added a few aliases in my bashrc:

alias lunch=" 'abdallah|lunch' 'dnd' 'going to lunch break'"
alias back=" 'abdallah|work' 'online' 'back!'"
alias goodmorning=" 'abdallah|work' online 'Good morning :)'"

I know it’s better to add a slash-command for that. Something like ‘/nick …’ or ‘/status …’. I’ll check out those docs later.

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Thank you for this is a great PoC. Just wanted to share that I had to update the status update to include the $user_id like this in 2020, otherwise still working:


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