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Bad Chicken Legs

Over the last few years I have learned to trust the instincts of our cat “The Boss”, especially when it comes to food. If he jumps up and down and screams at me to feed him from the pate I’m eating then it must be good. If he leaves a fine piece of ham untouched after quickly smelling it then it must really be inedible (even when it looks ok to the untrained eye!)

For the last couple of months, “The Boss” has been on a strict all chick diet. The problem is that he doesn’t always feel like chicken! It was all ups and downs until we got him a pack of chicken legs “drumsticks” from the supermarked (“Shuman” brand). He ate them all over the period of 2 weeks without any problem. We got another batch (from “Hawa Chicken”) and he ate those too. Great, we thought, at 1 drumstsick a day it’s both easy and not too expensive (in comparison to the hypoallergenic food we got him and he was too much of a snob to even taste it).
I was at another supermarket (“Charcutier Aoun”) when I heard they had a special on chicken legs. I got a 1KG. Back home, I cooked him one of the new drumsticks and he came to check it out as usual. The Boss smells it for a sec, then goes back to his bed. He comes back after an hour or so asking for food, but he never touches the chicken!

I tried cooking another chicken leg from the old batch and he jumps to it immediately. The same happens on the second day.
I just bought a new batch from “Hawa Chicken” and he happily ate one of those. Honestly, I am afraid to eat from the “Charcutier Aoun” chickens after the boss turned them down. Any thoughts?

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