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My Pebble is (almost) Here!

8/27/2013 Item departed to final destination SINGAPORE-SINGAPORE S05
8/31/2013 Item received at Sorting Center LEBANON-BEIRUT SORTING CENTRE
9/3/2013 Item handed over to Customs for clearance LEBANON-Parcels unit

So if you don’t ask about your stuff or track them, they simply get resent to sender without a warning! I never got a notification that the watch was sent to customs for clearance. I had to call LibanPost (hotline: 1577) to find out. Then I had to go to the main office near the Beirut airport to “clear” the watch.

Apparently, the pebble was either a “threat to national security” or “too expensive” according to the guys at the clearance office. That’s why they had to charge me 40$ and print and scribble on 11 different forms (4 of which were in triplicates). I felt I was picked up by a Vogon ship.

Anyway, it’s here now and I’m feeling good about it. 🙂

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The Hunt for Postal Codes in Beirut, Lebanon

A few weeks (months?) ago there was a (very low) buzz in the Lebanese social media (twitter, blogosphere) about someone (MP? MoT?) announcing that LibanPost will “finally” be using a post code system for Lebanon. That sounded like great news, in spite of the fact that (as many pointed out) a similar announcement was made almost 10 years before that and no one knew about it (especially at LibanPost!)

I am ordering a couple of nifty items for myself (a Pebble and a MYO). And I am actually considering delivering them home, since I live in Beirut now. So I called up LibanPost hotline (1577) and asked if they have a way to tell me what my postal code is. The very nice lady at the other end took a couple of minute and asked me the same question a few times before it dawned on her that I’m actually asking for my own address’ postal code. I’m not too good at explaining things on the phone (or verbally in general), so I’m not blaming her. But when she knew what I was asking for she was very kind to point me to the next step:

Call 01629629 and ask for Mr. Mouhammad Hashash

I am assuming that’s public information, so I’m posting here so people searching for the same info might have a trail to follow. I called the number and Mr. Hashash was indeed the person to call. But since it was (almost) 13:00PM, he was on his lunch break. No one was there to replace him unfortunately. But the good people (3) at his office were kind enough to take my phone numbers and my address (I thought they were going to give me the postal code finally, but it was only for the note they took). So now I wait for the call. Hopefully we’ll get a Postal Code soon (and that the delivery men at LibanPost would be able to use it!)

UPDATE: at ~15:30 the kind Mr Hashash called and simply gave me the Postal Code for my building. I’m going to test it out real soon.

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