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Burger Dinner


Just finished eating this burger sandwich

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leftovers dinners – fresh mushrooms & macaroni soup


It’s all in the broth really. I saved some of the wonderful chicken broth my wife made and decided to use it to make a soup since it was raining!

Here’s my recipe:

Bring a liter of water to a boil. Add 100g of macaroni and some salt, and leave it cook for about 8 minutes. Meanwhile, slice an onion and a clove of garlic thinly and sweat them down with a splash of olive oil and a teaspoon of butter. Add the sliced mushrooms to the pan and stir. I added a pinch of ginger powder. Add the chicken broth, and let it simmer. Then add the whole thing to the boiling macaronis.
Let it all reduce just a little bit while all the flavors infuse.
I topped the plate with a pinch of tarragon

Here’s a pic I took in a haste 🙂

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leftovers dinners – franks & taters

Another leftovers recipe I cooked up last night

In a pan, grill a couple of frankfurters sliced in the middle. Meanwhile, microwave a potato then slice it in large cubes and add to the franks. Slice a banana to match the size of the potato cubes and add to the mix. Splash half a cup of cranberry juice over those and let it reduce. It will mostly evaporate leaving only the taste infused in the ingredients. Season with some salt and half a teaspoon of chipotle sauce.

Serve hot with some rice or pasta or even some sliced “pain de campagne” (whatever you have left in the fridge).

Bon appetit 🙂

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