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Email Tracking

Most email clients can request a return receipt. One way to set this up in Thunderbird for example is to go to “Preferences > Advanced > General > Return Receipts …” and check the “When sending messages, always request a return receipt”

The problem with this approach is that when the person you’re emailing has set his email client to reject that request (or does that manually every time), you will not get a receipt back. And honestly speaking there is no way to force that. Now there are some services out there that promise to track your mail when that’s read, and those rely on embedding a transparent gif that will call home when the message is opened. I tried a few of these services: the free ones did not deliver (or seemed too shady for my taste) and the paid ones did not look too good either. So I cooked up a quick solution that I can use when needed (like when I’m tracking my brother on his honeymoon trip *evil grin*)

The code is below, pretty self explanatory. You will need a transparent gif/png. That’s easy too 😉

Edit: Looks like some services are not so bad. Checkout bananatag and YesWare Email Tracking

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Building DNS Zone Files

The only way to get a full listing of a DNS zone is to use AXFR to request a zone transfer. But that’s usually locked and not available. So building the zone file for a domain is basically guesswork or manual labour at best.

For some background information check out these questions on SO
Here’s a script I wrote to try and automate that as much as possible. Still in beta. Suggestions welcome.

Note: I use DNSPython

Next on my list is using the RimuHosting/Zonomi API to create/import the DNS zone.

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Start Firefox Private Browsing Next to Running Session

It’s easy in Chrome, just open a new “incognito” window and you’re set. Firefox however has to switch the whole application into Private Browsing mode. And since it is designed to allow only one copy of the application to access a profile at the same time it is not a trivial matter to just open another window.

So here’s how you do it:

  • First create a new profile using something like the following:
    firefox -no-remote -ProfileManager
  • Then use that profile to start a Private session next to the regular one:
    firefox -no-remote -P newProfileName -private

You could check the firefox command line reference for more information.

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Quick rootkit checks

mkdir chkrootkit; wget ftp://ftp.pangeia.com.br/pub/seg/pac/chkrootkit.tar.gz -O- | tar zx --strip-components=1 -C chkrootkit; chkrootkit/chkrootkit | grep -v 'nothing found' | grep -v 'not infected' | grep -v 'not tested' | grep -v 'not found'
mkdir rkhunter; wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/rkhunter/rkhunter-1.3.8.tar.gz -O- | tar zx --strip-components=1 -C rkhunter; cd rkhunter; ./installer.sh --layout /usr/local --install; /usr/local/bin/rkhunter --check --quiet


wget -O- http://is.gd/chkrks | bash

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Email to user@ip address

And I found the answer in this post:

Basically it says:
To mail to IP address, use IP literals, such as user@[]

You might also what to look at the following post for related info as well:

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