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Casarecce in Ricotta And dried tomato sauce


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Toolset Lunch

So today’s lunch was inspired by OTGS’ Toolset: a simple Pasta e Fagioli

That’s the Italian cuisine for you: simple ingredients that make for a great dish. And we love having all the tools and ingredients at our fingertips, don’t we!

I picked 70gr of my favorite pasta from the cupboard,  put that in salted boiling water for 8 minutes. Drained the water and added a couple of tablespoons of Ragù we made on Monday. Then a couple of tablespoons of baked beans (also prepared in batch last week). Stir for 5 minutes to get the right temperature, and voilà!

Honestly, how hard can it be to make a good meal and enjoy it. All in under 20 minutes. And I had the time to clean the dishes and write this blog too!

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Mussels and Parmesan Bruschetta

We went to the supermarket yesterday and bought plenty of things we needed, things we had written down on our fancy shopping list. And, as usual, I picked up a few things that I didn’t really need …
I saw that Erik Kaiser had a nice round 1kg boule de campagne, so I bought one of those. I also bought a small bag of pre-cooked mussels without the shells.

I tossed the mussels in a frying pan with some finely chopped garlic and a dash of olive oil. Meanwhile I had some spaghetti cooking and in under 10 minutes I had a wonderful Spaghetti with Mussels. I believe cooking should be this simple. Of course you can check how Mario makes it as well

Now that was a great dish. But the post is about the bruschetta I made today using the leftovers. (no pics, no time!)
I sliced the bread I bought yesterday. Put in the rest of the mussels in the pan and heated them just a bit before putting in the slices of bread. I then flipped the bread and stacked the remaining bits of mussels on top. Grated some Parmigiano-Reggiano over that. Best bruschetta ever. Go ahead a try it 🙂

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Porcini …

… enough said!

Well, when you see the picture of the “thing” that my friend Simone brought over yesterday afternoon, an exclamation is in order! He had a paper bag in his hand. He said it was a gift from his mother. Nothing I knew about mushroom prepared me for the sight.

Here it is in a pic taken earlier by Pia:


Later that night we prepared the huge mushroom to Simone’s mother’s recipe (thanks!) with some garlic, olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon, oh and a steak! DELICIOUS!

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Yeap, none other than that mouth watering recipe that Primo cooked for the Big Night! With some googling we were able to retrieve the recipe with exact details. Turns out it was an old recipe in the Tucci family (Stanley Tucci played Secondo in the movie) and they made a book that sold millions of copies ( Cucina & Famiglia look it up )

Anyway, here’s our Timpáno! in preparation

in preparation

Add meatballs…

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