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Django-TimelineJS Pluggable App

I like VeriteCo’s TimelineJS. It’s elegant, easy to use and very useful. I don’t like editing Google a google spreadsheet every time I want to update the timeline although it might be easier for some people. So, I wrote a small pluggable app for django to embed a timeline in django templates.

The code is loosely based on the code for the WordPress plugin. And I’ll try to copy over more code and fixes from that soon.

For now, it’s a working app with an admin backend to enter the timeline information and events, and to edit the options. It’s also a custom template tag that you can use to embed the timeline in your own templates.

Should be easy enough to use it.

pip install django-timelinejs

then include it in your INSTALLED_APPS and ./ syncdb

Drop me a note if you find a bug or want some help. You can use the issues in GitHub for that.

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