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Pidgin chat pounce plugin

I wrote the following plugin using the Pidgin Purple Perl_API. It’s pretty simple and to the point without too many bells and whistles.

We use an XMPP (jabber) chat room to communicate at work. That’s mostly for internal communication. Recently we added an external hookup to a campfire chat room via tinder. The campfire chat room is mostly for customers requesting support.

The problem is that when a customer enters the chat room, pidgin will display something like the following:

(02/23/2011 07:35:36 AM) Tinder: James Bond in Customer Service Desk: EnterMessage

There’s no way to make pidgin understand that’s a new user logging in as the ‘Tinder’ user is already logged in. Is there?

Here’s the codeI moved the code to github, including some enhancements from Adrian Deac. put the code in a file named ‘chatpounce.pl’ in your .purple/plugins/ directory

It’s been fun brushing up on my perl skills. I may write another plugin (to edit timestamps display) later as well…

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