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Day of the Dog

We’re going to get Bella (our first dog) this afternoon.

I’ve been reading about dog training and handling a lot lately, and I feel like I know nothing! I also downloaded and watched many dog training movies. Here’s one series that seems to be very useful:

We’re going to get the crate and other stuff for the dog on our way to the kennel. The kennel owner is a friend and he recommended a pet shop on our way to his place, so we’re going to stick with that.

We also scheduled an appointment for the vet to checkout the dog on our way back, so we should be covered there.

One of our main concerns at the moment is how will the cat and dog act around each other. Bella is a pitbull puppy with plenty of energy and a feisty terrier attitude. And Boss is a 12 years old cat that does whatever pleases him around the house (mostly sleep). Googling the issue returns plenty of hits and misses, but mostly it’s about slowly introducing the animal to each other and keeping constant watch whenever they’re in the same room. I’ll probably post about our progress in that area later on.

I’m adding a new category here for the Dog.

I’ll update with some pics when we take some. 🙂

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Trip Preparations

So far, we have done the following:

  • We bought a couple of books to get started: 40$
    • Eyewitness Travel Vienna (12.99 GBP)
    • Eyewitness Travel Prague (12.99 GBP)
  • We grabbed two pairs of light water proof GEOX boots: 350$
  • Rain jacket: 50$
  • We contacted a friend of a friend (foaf) in Prague. We’re carrying some books for him, and hope to meet him and his wife there.
  • We found our way around Vienna and Prague using Google Earth. Apparently we can go around town easily using Metro and Tram.

Things to do:

  • Reschedule our itinerary on Google Calendar.
  • Buy scarves, gloves and hats.
  • Get another travel bag.
  • Quick dry travel gear.
  • Money belt.

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