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Sabah in Narnia!?

‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’, is a fantasy movie that describes the adventures of four children in the fictional realm of ‘Narnia’. After watching the first film of the series, you find out that it is a place where animals talk, fantasy creatures live, and where magic and battles are common…
What was surprising though, was hearing the famous Lebanese folk song : ‘Dakhl 3yoonik Hakina’ of the Lebanese legend Sabah in one scene.
We couldn’t believe our ears! We had to go and check the scene again on youtube:
Sabah in Narnia!

The scene: a hag who attempts to resurrect the White Witch by keeping prince Caspian inside a magic circle and chanting what is obviously the words from Sabah’s song. The words translate roughly to:

Please talk to us (lit. For your eyes’ sake, talk to us)
We only came because of your eyes
You got us half way there, (lit. helped us half way out of the well)
Then let us go (lit. cut the rope)
Wayleh [interjection meaning I’m doomed!]

I believe Sabah should be asking for her copyrights, or at least someone should tell her! Better not perhaps, considering how ugly the hag was? Or …

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