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Cat Training – Sit – First Session

It’s been 4+ months since Gigi stepped into our living room, jumped in my wife’s lap and started giving birth to 4 highly annoying kittens. A week or so later, she moves them out to hide them. And a month after they were born she brings them back again, full of life and jumping up and down all over the yard and between the rocks of the garden wall/fence. They were very cute, and we enjoyed having them around the kitchen begging for food and playing with the mats. But they were growing, and very fast. At 4 months, Bageera is almost as big as his mother. Naruto is a bit smaller but his disctive meawoing is so high it wakes us up from behind closed glass doors and windows. And he know how to get our attention: he climbs the wirescreen of the doors and windows, he opens the sliding windows if there is just a small opening, he jumps up into our laps or behind our backs on the chair when we’re eating, etc. He demands attention and does not back down if doesn’t get it.

So training is not because we don’t have a dog, but merely a necessity. We had dome some research and found plenty of methods with clickers and people training the cats to do tricks and use the toilet. For me however the main issue was for Naruto to behave at meal times. It took just one session, same method used to teach a dog to sit before handing him the food. worked like a charm!

Here’s a video taken on that day, cut short just to make it smaller. Gigi is there, but her camouflage is too hard to film with a phone!

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