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My Pebble is (almost) Here!

8/27/2013 Item departed to final destination SINGAPORE-SINGAPORE S05
8/31/2013 Item received at Sorting Center LEBANON-BEIRUT SORTING CENTRE
9/3/2013 Item handed over to Customs for clearance LEBANON-Parcels unit

So if you don’t ask about your stuff or track them, they simply get resent to sender without a warning! I never got a notification that the watch was sent to customs for clearance. I had to call LibanPost (hotline: 1577) to find out. Then I had to go to the main office near the Beirut airport to “clear” the watch.

Apparently, the pebble was either a “threat to national security” or “too expensive” according to the guys at the clearance office. That’s why they had to charge me 40$ and print and scribble on 11 different forms (4 of which were in triplicates). I felt I was picked up by a Vogon ship.

Anyway, it’s here now and I’m feeling good about it. 🙂

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